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The name is related to a creek nearby.

The Wäschbar was opened for the first time in the year 1998, by Christian Bühler, the manager of the skischool Wengen. After a few years Bühler Christian sold the bar to Scheiber Beni, who owns now the Startbar Lauberhorn. For two years Trachsel Ueli from Wengen run the bar.

On 29th June 2006 Blatter Werner from Gsteigwiler bought the Wäschbar. We made a longterm rentalcontract with the alp - community Wengernalp Wengen.

The bar pleased a lot of guests so far and experienced many great Après-Ski-Party.

If we look back on our first winter 2006 / 2007 the bar was a great success. Now I hope to run the bar next winterseason also, with more snow...





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